Delicious Food Show

Robbie Hojilla


headshotlowresChef Robbie Hojilla brings his vast experience to Hudson Kitchen, as well as his “root to leaf” approach to cuisine. A man whose menu is driven by the season, Hojilla loves to nerd-out in the kitchen with new fresh ingredients. His idea of a good time is finding new ways to “show off” an entire ingredient, particularly with vegetables. A fan-favourite in Toronto’s culinary fellowship, his Lord of the Rings like journey began in his home kitchen, eventually moving up the ranks through Centro, Thuet, Woodlot, across Europe and back. Since the dining experience is his main priority, Hojilla would lose his lunch if he heard the expression, “turn em and burn em” uttered in his kitchen, as it is the ultimate insult to the patron and the English language.


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